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ShopRite Center
440 South Riverside Avenue

55,000 cars travel on Rt. 9/9a within sight of the Croton ShopRite Plaza. As of August 2006, daily commuter ridership at the Croton R.R. station was 3,368 and there were 1,903 parking spots in the R.R. lot, just down the street connecting it, by way of ShopRite Plaza, to the village of Croton. ShopRite is by far the dominant of the two supermarkets in the Village.

The median income for a household in the village was $84,744, and the median income per family was $100,182. The per capita income for the village was $39,441. Over 75% of the housing in Croton was owner occupied.

Croton Aerial View

Croton Site Plan

Shoprite Supermarket (#1)
Happy Garden Restaurant (#2)
Deprez Liquors (#3)
Croton Nails and Spa (#5)
Phelps Hospital Clinic (#7,8)
Sudz Laundromat (#9)
Pronto Pizzeria & Restaurant (#10)
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